Since 2003, I have written and illustrated a monthly nature column in my neighborhood newspaper, Bryn Mawr Bugle.  Following are illustrations from one typical year of columns (originally titled “View From The Bridge”, and later “Drawing on Nature”).  Visit the Blogroll on the right-hand-side of the website, and click on a link, and navigate to Bryn Mawr Bugle to review archived columns within the pdf files of past newspaper issues.  Also, under the Blogroll, you’ll find a link to the Arboretum Nature Notes blog for which I write and photograph.


September Weeds    August Weeds 2    August Weeds 3

August Weeds    July Weeds 2    July Weeds

June Weeds 2    June Weeds    May Weeds 2

May Weeds    November Weeds    October Weeds

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